An inevitable awakening

The switch from mindless munching to effortless nourishment

22 years with the itchy, flaky and irritating reality of psoriasis were enough for me to embark on a wild ride of self-healing fueled by copious diets and nutritious foods! I traded in my 15-year career as a brand designer for Blissful Bastards, on a mission to spread the gospel of mouth-watering and gut-loving food.

Growing up with my grocery owning dad, I’ve always had a major passion for food, but it took some life changing events in my 30’s to finally awaken me to the fact that my eating habits and life coping mechanisms might be to blame. I uncovered a few culprits behind my skin troubles that no dermatologist ever told me and decided to flip the script.

The journey was no picnic, but with the precision of a food surgeon, persistence of an ant, and expert guidance, I was able to beat psoriasis to a pulp using only natural resources.

7 years of gobbling up nutrition books, attending workshops, trying every diet under the sun, and traveling the world in search of miracles brought me to my true calling: revolutionize the way we eat and live with delicious, health-boosting food so that owning control and responsibility of your health becomes as effortless as a Sunday morning!

We're making healthy eating a wild ride

Buckle up and enjoy the journey. Ditch the compromise and savor wholesome foods that’ll make your taste buds do the cha-cha-cha.
Get ready for a love affair between nutritious and delicious

Delivering wellness with a side of quirk!

We’re leading the charge, finding ways to make it a breeze
for you and others. Join the squad and boss your way
to health & rapture!

A revolution with gut-loving grub

With gut-loving, mind-blowing, spirit-satisfying and groundbreaking, products, we’re joining you in your quest for achieving a state of food-enlightened bliss and becoming a pro of healthy hedonism.