Disrupting your senses


The all-round nutty beast that breaks the mould.

Delivering awesomeness into your breakfast, as a snack or to sprinkle over any dish. Get your wow ready to shout! Get your wow ready to shout!

A snack. A breakfast. A rarity made out of tigernuts and s**t lots of nuts.

Vanilla Chai

13,85 €

Cacao & Ginger

13,85 €

Tangy Turmeric

13,85 €

Hello tigernuts,
bye bye oats

In the same way we found bliss through our relationship with food by downsizing and minimizing the amount of ingredients we used, discovering that with less we get more, we developed our ultra nutritious NUTORIA, a real battle horse with a tigernut base that brings this humble hero into new realms.

Sliced tigernuts have shown to be the perfect bestie to our fellow nutty friends as they are more compatible together in the gut. They contain digestive enzymes, resistant starch and are high in insoluble fibre, all of which make you less likely to bloat, fart and have any tummy upsets.

We are holistic badasses. We are trustworthy people. We are a bunch of complete bastards with nothing to hide and a lot to offer.



Glorious mix of tigernut & nuts imprinted with a notorious flavour & character.

Nutoria is born out of our love affair with nuts and to properly celebrate these crunchy fruits of nature like never before. This is the traditional oat granola revamped! We have replaced oats with tigernuts, added up to a 70% of nuts and a taste that goes beyond the extraordinary. Get your grain free, gluten free alternative to your morning routine, on-the-go snack or all-round topping.

Packed with benefits, no compromising

Plant-based protein source

High in digestive enzymes and insoluble fiber

Clean label

0 artificial ingredients

Versatile & convenient

Free from:

gluten, lactose and all those things you prefer not to be in

Vegan & Paleo


AIP friendly

Our blissed clients do the talk

Soy una buscadora de productos sin gluten y alternativas a la avena y por fin he encontrado algo que me satisface de verdad. Nunca había comido chufa y desde que he descubierto esta marca, no puedo parar de comerla. Mi sabor favorito es el Vanilla Chai.


¡Finalmente un producto con muchos frutos secos!


I feel transported. First, the crunch excites my mouth. Then, a journey of flavors starts. I almost don’t want to swallow in order to keep traveling, but the lure of another mouthful to explore the world through taste always wins. And another scoop comes in.


The hard work is done, all that’s left is for you to choose which state of bliss you want to be in.